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           For those interested in MANAGING TIME.


(.Read this loudly…write down as a commitment! )


        I will set before me certain objectives to be achieved that would help me in my life…career, family-life, community welfare, long-term objectives and short-term objectives.



        I will put my schedule in writing and remain focused on the objectives to be achieved…Continually reviewing objectives, priorities and scheduled actions will help me keep on track.



        I will schedule on key events and actions paying more attention to scheduling early day actions. This should set a pattern for the entire day. I shall group related items and actions wherever possible.


        I will take large blocks of times for important tasks  …enough time but not too much…shall build flexibility for unexpected events. .shall include .some thinking time for me every day…try to make travel time and waiting time  productive.


        I will try to match my work to my body cycles if feasible.


        I will learn to control unscheduled body impulses ...will not  chase rabbits!


        I will prepare   tomorrow`s   schedule today.


        I will keep a record of what I planned to do and what I actually did.


        I will try to eliminate or reduce time-wasters such as


…Telephone Interruptions ..Drop inVisitors, Meetings..Crises..those due to lack of Objectives,Priorities and Deadlines.


 ..Cluttered Desk and Personal Disorganization.. Ineffective Delegation and Involvement in Routine and Detail. Attempting too much at Once and Unrealistic Time Estimates ..Lack of or Unclear

Communication or Instruction…Inadequate Inaccurate and Delayed Information.


.. Indecision and Procrastination..   Confused Responsibility and Authority,Inability to say ‘No’,Leaving  Tasks Unfinished,LACK OF  SELF DISCIPLINE.